The Coffee that Gives Back!

Glen in Ugandan Villiage
Cave Bird Coffee owner Glen Shorley in Uganda where he gets much of his coffee.

There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee anytime of the day. Cave Bird is passionate in producing great tasting coffee ... and a coffee that gives back!

Gives Back?

Cave Bird Coffee is not just about great craft coffee! We exist with a mission beyond a good cup of java: Purchasing Ugandan green beans, providing 100% of green bean purchase directly to the farmers, donating proceeds from our retail sales back to the villages. We give back! That's only a bit of the mission-nature of Cave Bird Coffee. There is much more! (Read more about this mission-aspect of Cave Bird Coffee on the About Us & Cup of Life pages.)

Our Coffee

beans on vine
Beans ready for picking from coffee trees in Uganda.

Cave Bird Coffee acquires premium beans from all over the world: Africa, Central America, South America, and Oceana. All coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure a consistent and quality roast. Freshness is important, so we roast to order. We are not a production operation.

If you enjoy a hearty Kenyan, citrus Ethiopian, or a honey smooth Ugandan cup, you can get it here. If you desire an earthy Sumatra, chocolaty Costa Rica, plus many others, Cave Bird Coffee is for you. We have great blends and single origins in whole bean and ground. Just let us know.

Cave Bird Coffee is roasted in both medium and dark roast. As a rule, medium roast has a brown dry bean, and a full body and aroma. A dark roast has a shiny finish on the bean, and a "spicier" flavor. It is all a personal preference as to which roast you enjoy. Central American beans are best at medium, African and Oceana beans can go darker, but as each bean has its own personality, attention at the roast brings out a unique flavor of any bean.