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Wings of Eagles Services

Wings of Eagles Services is my (Keith Dodd) one-person web development operation. I specialize in custom-developed websites for small businesses, individuals, and organizations

Take a look at this website as well as some of the samples listed. If you have any questions about services, methods, costs, and so forth, don't hesitate to contact me.

Today, a website is just about a must for any business. For businesses, potential customers expect to be able to find the company on the web. Without a website, many potential customers may not even know a business or organization exists. Lack of a website can give a first impression that you are far behind the times.

The same holds true for organizations. Often a person new to a community locates a church or other organization by surfing the web. Even a simple website can cause a person to say, "I think I'll check out that organization. From their website, they look interesting."

Not only does a website indicate that the business or organization exists and gives contat information, the "look and feel" of the site quickly makes a first impression. Your website conveys a lot about you ... and not just from the information there.

Through Wings of Eagles Services, I develop a site that conveys a positive image of you and the type of image you want. All sites are custom developed. You do not have to fit into an existing web template. We develop the website with you in mind.