Giving back to the people of Uganda!

Cave Bird Cup of Life

Unsafe stream
Water collected from many Ugandan streams can be very contaminated.

Cave Bird Cup of Life (a non-profit) was formed out of Cave Bird Coffee to go beyond the direct trade, sustainable farming, and subsequent resulting relationships with the small farmers. 100% of profits from coffee sales is donated to Cave Bird Cup of Life. Clean water is essential for all of mankind, but in many places of the world it is unavailable. Water borne illness is the leading cause of death in children.

The focus of our well-building efforts has been in Uganda where, outside of the major cities, availability of clean water is a problem. Water is collected from streams and water holes, which contain parasites, bacteria, viruses and are a source of breeding for insects such as mosquitos.

collecting dirty water
A typical village water hole in a Ugandan village.

Uganda continues to suffer a very high mortality rate from malaria. 50% of all hospital deaths from malaria are children under 5 years. Other diseases from contaminated water are bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, and typhoid fever. Water contact diseases include schistosomiasis, caused by parasitic worms.

Clean water really is a Cup of Life!

Often, the women and children take responsibility for collecting water. This usually entails a long walk to the source to fill up 5 gallon plastic buckets with water then returning home. This water must be boiled before drinking. This is done over a charcoal burner, because electric or gas stoves are not available in remote areas. The children need to gather the days' water before they go to school, which is also a long walk from the village. Subsequently, the children miss school or arrive late.

Kids at pump /
Pumps provided by Cave Bird Cup of Life DO enhance the quality of life!

Through Cup of Life, a clean water well is located close to the village or school. This well water does not need to be boiled before consumption, which saves time and resources, and allows children to get to school on time each morning. Water borne illness is greatly reduced, saving countless lives.

The village owns the well and is responsible for notifying the well-team if repairs are needed. There is a contract drawn up that each inhabitant must sign, promising to adhere to the ownership and care of the well. In Africa, it is essential that the entire village own the well. Villagers also take part in the building/drilling of the well. This is done by the percussion method, which is simple and inexpensive.

Not Late For School
"Thanks, Cave Bird Cup of Life! We're no longer late for school."